Note: Pocket Disc provided a sample to us at no charge in order to review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Mara here. I bought a Pocket Disc for my nephew for Christmas last year. He loved it. We’ve had so much fun with it. Ambassador Laura Saufley along with her family reviewed the Pocket Disc. Below are her thoughts.

On any given school morning during my teen years, it was a common occurrence to see a group of my friends standing in a circle in the school parking lot kicking around a little bean filled ball called a hacky sack. I had a hacky sack and although I never quite had the coordination to kick it I did enjoy throwing it around with my friends.

I was super excited to have the chance to review the Pocket Disc because it reminded me of the hacky sacks I played with so many years ago. And since it didn’t involve kicking I was confident that even I had the coordination to play with it! I was skeptical though that it would actually fly through the air like a Frisbee and I wasn’t sure my youngest kids (ages 3 and 4) would have any fun with it at all. I was completely wrong on both accounts!

I packed our Pocket Disc up to take along on our fall camping trip. It is the perfect activity to bring along on trips because it is super compact! It lives up to it’s name–you can literally fold this thing up and put it in your pocket.  The kids had so much fun throwing and catching the disc. I was shocked to see how far this thing will fly! In fact, my boys got in trouble several times for accidentally throwing it into the neighboring campsite!

One of my favorite things about the Pocket Disc is the story of how it came to be.  It all started with nine year old Savannah who was crocheting a doily for a school project and accidentally added too many drop stitches to the outer edge causing her doily to curl inward.  Months later, a family friend happened to pick it up and toss it across the room and the rest is history! The company now partners with Mayan artists from Guatemala to create the Pocket Discs which provides the artists a fair income for their time and talents.  Now that’s something that I can get behind and support 100%!

I have five kids ages 3-16 and finding something that will entertain all of them is difficult but this worked–everyone enjoyed throwing it around!  There are several different size discs available including loosely crocheted discs for indoor play. You can find lots of game ideas online.

Our family loves our Pocket Disc!

Pocket Disc

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