In October we celebrated Take Your Daughter On A Hike Day. One of our goals at Hike Like A Woman is to encourage the next generation of women to get outside. We want to show our daughters what the outdoors means to us, how to protect it, and empower them to loves themselves for who they are. And it’s not just our daughters. Many of the women who came to and led the hikes do not have daughters. They simply know how important it is to encourage the next generation.

So what does it mean to you? With the new year coming quickly do you have a resolution to take your daughter to the woods more often? Next year’s hike will be held on Saturday, Oct. 19.

Here’s what a few of our Ambassadors who led hikes had to say about it. Become a member of our closed Facebook group and see what it means to the community.


It meant empowering woman of all ages to get out on the trail and have fun while encouraging the next generation to love hiking.


For me, it’s about all generations hiking together. I kinda turn it around and I take my mother. But technically, it’s a Mom hiking with a daughter.


I’m Lucy (aka Wandering Wonder Woman), the creator of TYDOAHD. Why did I create it?

This week I was told by yet another doctor that I cannot have children. It’s too dangerous and would kill me.

Photo courtesy Lucy Walker

I know this but every time they tell me it’s like the first time. I’ve had names picked out since I was in my 20’s. I saved my toys to give to them. I even have clothes I’ve made and bought for them.

I think this is why TYDOAHD means so much to me. I can’t take my own children but I can help others do what I would have done if I had had children. I needed that Saturday… seeing all those pics of children getting outside.

It’s something I wish I had had as a child as well. Maybe it would have inspired my love of hiking sooner and given me the outlet and therapy I so needed and get from the mountains.


I was never was able to have kids myself but I do take pride in what I’ve been able to pass on to my God Daughter and hope with events like these we are truly inspiring the next generations of wild women to not only hit the trails, blaze new ones, chase their dreams and maybe cultivate new leaders for the outdoor industry

Francis Vaughan This past year I have made an effort to make hiking an adventure that both my daughter and I enjoy together. I knew yesterday that she truly wanted to be there and was proud to participate. I heard her tell people several times that week that Saturday was Take Your Daughter on a Hike Day and she was going to have some mom/daughter time with me. The time on the trails is precious to me because I see her blossoming into a strong and courageous young woman. She becomes chatty on the trails and that is when we have some of our best conversations.

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