Not all tents are made alike. And there are different tents for different climates and season. HLAW Social Media Manager April tested the Hilleberg Allak II tent. She camped in snow to see how it would fair in the wintertime. Read below to see what she thinks.

Who wouldn’t want to test out and review a schnazzy new tent? I am pretty happy with my Alps Mountaineering car camping tent but have been in the market for a lighter weight and smaller backpacking tent for some time now. Given the chance to review the Allak II tent from Hilleberg seemed like the perfect opportunity.

Straight out of the box, I was a little surprised at how big the tent was. Part of its advertisement is to be used for backpacking (and when you watch the how-to set up video on their website, it is implied the gentleman setting it up is backpacking). Coming in at around 6-7 lbs., it’s only slighter lighter than my current all-purpose tent. Size aside, here is my list of overall pros and cons for the Allak II:


Construction. This tent is made from some pretty durable material, designed for overall durability and is a bit more heavy-duty than the average two-person tent. There is a double-vent layer which is a neat feature (and not one I’ve had on a tent before), along with an attached fly which takes the frustration out of scrambling to set it up during any type of weather.

Easy Setup. Some of the other reviews I had read on this tent made me worry the setup was going to be far more difficult than your normal tent. I am easily an avid camper, but I will admit, when you pull it out of the bag it almost looks difficult (I think because of the built-in fly and double layering). But I timed myself and it took just under ten minutes by myself – and this includes reading the manual for each step mind you. Not bad in my opinion.


Price. At over $1,000 list price, I could honestly never afford this tent. It seems like a structurally sound and dependable tent, but I’m not sure (any tent to be honest) is worth such a hefty price tag.

Size & Weight. As I mentioned above, the Allak II is not much heavier than my dependable car camping tent. It is definitely not a tent I would take backpacking.

So overall the Allak II is a sturdy choice for someone that has the budget, and is looking to really do some cold weather camping and exotic adventures. That person, however, is not me. The biggest let down of doing this review was that I had to pack it all back in the box it was delivered to me in, and pay the shipping to send it back to Hilleberg in WA, as they requested.

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