Note: Bitch Stix provided a sample to us at no charge in order to reivew. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Mara here. I began training for a long-distance race and my bra tore me up. And yes, it made me bitch! I clearly needed a Bitch Stix and wish I had known about it back then. Ambassador Laura Saufley reviewed it. Read below and see what she thinks.

Thick thighs save lives! Well, that’s how the saying goes anyway. I’ve had thick thighs since the day I was born and the only thing they have ever saved is my phone from dropping in the toilet.  But seriously, thick thighs are no fun. If you have been blessed with extra thickness in the thigh area then you are no doubt familiar with the term chub rub. And if you don’t know what chub rub is then consider yourself very lucky!

Last summer I got the absolute worst case of chub rub of my life after hiking on the beach in my wet bathing suit. I could barely walk for the rest of the day and when the hot water in the shower hit my thighs that night I nearly doubled over from pain. Here is some TMI: I chaffed so badly that I was bleeding.  Ouch!

Needless to say, I was ecstatic when the opportunity came up for me to review Bitch Stix Son of a Bitch Anti-Chafe ointment!  And I was even more thrilled when my box arrived and included more than just the anti-chafing ointment. I was also given Bitch Stix Quit Your Bitchin’ Muscle Rub and Bitch Stix lip balm to try.

I have been using the products for several months and I am a huge fan. The anti-chafe ointment glides on easily and it really works!  I’ve used it on my thighs as well as along my sports bra line and on my heels with great results. I haven’t had any chub rub since I started using it. I keep a roller in my gym bag and a roller in my hiking bag so I always have some on hand.

The Quit Your Bitchin’ Muscle Rub was the bomb!  The roller makes the application so clean and simple.  I’ve used muscle rubs before (and I have even made my own) and I’ve never liked the mess they make. This can be applied right from the stick—no need to get it all over your hands.  It rolls on so smoothly and provides the best soothing sensation on sore muscles.


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All Bitch Stix products are made from natural, organic, non-GMO ingredients.  I love that I can actually pronounce all the ingredients! They do not do any animal testing. And my favorite thing of all:  you can feel good about purchasing their products because every purchase helps to support survivors of domestic abuse and/or sexual assault.

My thick thighs may not be saving any lives but they are very happy with Bitch Stix products!

Bitch Stix

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  1. I’d like to support a female business, and the product seems okay. However, using the term “bitch stix” just makes it a non starter for me. This isn’t pearl clutching, I have quite the potty mouth, but calling ourselves bitches isn’t “taking the term back”, it’s just stupid.

  2. I usually use powder. I live in Northern California and we have lower humidity than most of the country, so rash does not happen as frequently as it did when I was young and lived in Mid-West.

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