Note: Deuter provided a sample to us at no charge in order to review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Women are not made the same as men, so our backpacks shouldn’t be either. Deuter makes great women specific packs that are curved in the right places for our curves, and made to fit our, in general, smaller frame. Ambassador Allison reviewed the Deuter Futura 28SL. Read below to see what she thinks.

When you open a large box and see a pretty yellow flower attached to your new backpack, you know the company that designed it had women hikers in mind!

Gone are the days where women’s only choices were the men’s fit if she wanted to be active.  I remember my mom was a runner in the late 70’s/early 80’s and she wore men’s running shoes. Things have changed and Deuter is one company that is doing a great job at designing for women!

Yes, the Deuter Futura 28 SL I opened that day had a sweet little fake flower attached to and it’s going to stay there.  I was super excited to try this backpack out! I have a large one for overnight trips and a small day trip backpack yet I still didn’t have that midsize for the long days or cold hikes with more gear.

I pulled her out of the box, took her out of the plastic and immediately started to check out all the pockets and space!  Unzip here. Zip that backs up. I tested all the zippers. Next I was pulling at all the straps. One thing I noticed that the breast strap has a bit of elastic attached so as you walk it gives a bit.  I love that it doesn’t squeeze my chest!

Next I put it on.  Adjusting all the straps is super simple and they stay, no sliding. The pack felt like it was made for me.  The straps curve for my shape. The back was just the right height and width. I see that the backpack is built for a lot of ventilation – on the back, the shoulder straps and around the waste yet where I was going this December morning I may not be worried about heat and ventilation much.

I recently moved to the Sacramento area and had been chomping at the bit to get to the South Yuba River State Park and that’s where I was headed to try my new hiking gear out!

Leaving around 8:30 AM it took me about 30 minutes to get to the destination yet I noticed something I wasn’t expecting – snow.  There were a few patches on the side of the road and I was still climbing. I wasn’t quite ready for snow hiking.

As I arrived at my destination there seemed to be less snow but it was freezing – literally.  Luckily I had a pack that could carry a lot of gear. Since it’s December yet dry I simply brought layers, gloves, a hat, and extra socks.  And I wasn’t familiar with this trail so I thought I’d bring an extra liter of water. It all fit beautifully in the 28 liter capacity. (I ended up actually not needing most of my gear but sure glad I had it.)

The hike was awesome!  The Futura was great! She sat right on my hips and never put weight or pressure on my shoulders.  And she stayed put while I walked.

Deuter did very well with this backpack, just $150.00. There are so many other features to talk about that are awesome but the one that I want to be sure to mention is that my phone fit in the waist pocket! This is huge because I take a lot of pictures and video for Instagram with my phone and love to have so accessible!

Deuter Futura 28SL

24 comments on “Deuter Futura 28SL Review + GIVEAWAY!!!

    • Jamie – it makes the world of difference. When shopping for a day pack I tried on a unisex one and I hated it. It hit my hips and was too wide for my back. I’m thankful for this women’s fit.

  1. Being able to fit my phone in waist pocket would mean so much to me. I struggle to open and close the zipper in my current pack, which is set too far back and is very awkward.

    • Right!? I would either keep mine in a pocket in my pants which is always too bulky or a side pocket in my backpack where it could fall out easily. I love that I can secure it and take it out easily.

  2. I like how Deuter takes into consideration a woman’s curves and torso when they design their packs. Very comfortable. The flower headband is a nice touch!

    Allison – I, too, am from the Sacramento area (Antelope). The South Yuba River State Park is magnificent! From your photo, it looks like you hiked the Independence Trail by the Old CA 49 Bridge. I hope you make it over to the South Yuba River at Bridgeport this spring. The wildflower bloom is awesome and docents lead hikes to show off the bloom and educate the public on the area. We are blessed to live where we can hike in the Sierras one day and hike along the Pacific Ocean the next.

  3. HI Diane,

    I’m normally not a flower person but I liked the touch so left it on the pack.

    Yes, Independence Trail and it was so beautiful!! I just kept thinking how much I couldn’t wait to explore the park more!

    Thanks for the tip. I LOVE spring hiking! Last year I hiked Mount Diablo in the Spring and all the waterfalls were so refreshing! I’m going to do exactly what you said and head to Bridgeport for Spring hikes. If you’d like to ever meet for a hike I’d be happy to go, I’m new to Sac area (from Bay Area) so would love to find out where to go. Warning, I’m slow lol.

    Thanks for the tip!


    • Would live to meet for a hike. I have to warn you, I have ADHD when it comes to wild flowers , awesome water features and cool critters. I am also known to to sing and dance on the trail. I love to take photos while hiking, so it is an all day adventure. 🙂

    • The elastic is super! I already wear a sports bra that is tight, don’t need more straps so I can’t breathe, lol. Packs made with women in mind are a God send.


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