Note: Headsweats provided a sample to us at no charge in order to review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Hats are so important! They keep the sun off your face. They keep the rain off of your face. And they hide your hair when it is nasty. And sometimes you want a cute and practical hate. Video Editor Crystal reviewed the Bonnie Hat by Headsweats. Below are her thoughts.

When I first found out I was selected to review the Bonnie Hat from Headsweats I was excited to try it out here in the Florida heat. It’s very difficult to find hats here that don’t make you sweat more than you already do. I usually carry both a ball cap/trucker hat and a visor whenever hiking. If it starts to rain, I put one of those on and I’m good to go. Not worrying about the rain in my eyes. But I tend to do more sports here in Florida than just hiking. I kayak, deep sea fish, scuba dive, and more. Many times while on the water I’m wearing a ball cap but it is always super hot on my head. So when I got the Bonnie Hat I immediately thought about using it while on the water. Being that it’s so lightweight and airy it’ll protect me from the sun but keep me cool at the same time.

But, for hiking, it’s also great. The fact that it can fold/roll up to put in almost any pocket it a great feature. Most hats you can’t do much with other than hang them on the back of your pack. I was able to fold this down to fit in my small front pocket of my pack (it was a tight fit, but it fit). Also, I like to wear sunglasses when I hike. In Florida, you can go from a densely covered forest to an open prairie in just a few miles. Most of the time I just rest my glasses on the top bill of my hat/visor. Which works great until you bend down and they fall in the mud. This hat has these two strips of fabric on the side that I used for holding the ends of my sunglasses. I’m sure they are used for something different, but for me, this is what I used them for.

I will say that while hiking I felt like a little bit of a goofball wearing it. But, then again who am I trying to impress? A bear?! I will also say that I recently found out that some countries use this style hat in their military (not the brand but the style). So I figured if they can wear it proudly then so can I.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to try it out on the water just yet. I recently had a baby so kayaking and deep sea fishing were not on my list of “to-dos” for a bit. However, I will definitely be bringing it with me this summer in The Florida Keys when we will be on the water almost every single day.

What I like:

• It’s very lightweight

• Fits a good range of head sizes. (both myself and my husband tried it on, and it fit us both).

• Can fold it up really small to fit in your pack or a small container.

• My head doesn’t get hot while wearing it. It is very breathable.

• It’s got two folds of fabric to hook your sunglasses on top of your head.

• The price, just $25.00!!!


What I don’t like:

• I do look like a goofball wearing it on the trails. I think (for me personally) I’ll get more use out of it while deep sea fishing this summer.

Headsweats Bonnie Hat Review

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