Note: UCO provided a sample to us at no charge in order to review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Having a good headlamp is extremely important while camping and hiking in the dark. But there are other uses for them as Ambassador Jana discovered.  Jana reviewed the UCO Vapor Headlamp. Read below to see what she thinks.

When I was given the chance to receive and review the UCO Vapor+ 300 lumen headlamp, I was pretty dang excited!  Of course I use my headlamp around camp, or a quick trip behind a tree after dark, but I also use one daily for farm chores all winter.  I needed a durable, rechargeable headlamp and I hoped the UCO Vapor+ would fit the bill.

Upon first glance, the UCO Vapor+ just looks really cool!  I really like the retro color scheme, but more importantly, the headband and adjustable hook and loop closure seemed to be well made.  The stitching is solid, and I liked the hook & loop panel, rather than the adjustable sliders that some headlamps utilize. No stretching or unintended movement allowed with this band.  The case for the battery pack at the back of the headband is made of a cheaper vinyl material, but still seems durable enough.

The lamp itself is housed by a plastic case with a rotating plastic bezel that controls the light intensity, so there is a wide range of adjustable light beams as well as a soothing red light option.  At the highest light output, or the full 300 lumens, the manufacture estimates 8/10 of an hour, or 48 mins or use. At “medium,” output, or 150 lumens, you could expect about 2 hours of light, and the lowest setting of 5 lumens offers 40 hours of illumination.  After several weeks of consistent use, I’ve found these estimates to be pretty accurate following a full battery charge.

In addition to camp use during the fall, I’ve been using the UCO Vapor+ headlight for several weeks on the farm.  Evening chores in December require daily use of a headlamp, so the UCO Vapor+ has been put through the paces every evening.  I’ve found the battery life estimates to be fairly accurate and I really like the adjustability of the beam and the red light option for lower intensity that is less likely to disturb the animal, or your tent mate!

The only negative, and a minor one at that, might be that the headlamp doesn’t come with a charging cord.  Not a big deal considering that the jack is a standard size and widely available. I’d wager you already have one!

Despite my initial concerns about the plastic housing and bezel, I’ve had no problems after many weeks of daily farm use.  While the headlamp may be a little large for ultralight backpacking use, it’s awesome for car camping, cabin and farm use. I’m definitely considering buying a second one for the family cabin and car camping.

UCO Vapor+ Headlamp

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