Note: Aigo Logik provided a sample to us at no charge in order to review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

A good water bottle can be hard to find. But like Ambassasdor Shea writes below they are great for Leave No Trace practices. Shea reviewed the Aigo Logik bottle. Read below to see what she thinks.

I opted to review this product because I am passionate about a leave no trace (LNT) lifestyle, but also because I am new to backpacking. My name is Shea Durkin, I’m 23, and hiking out of Portland, OR.

When I first got my 22oz Aigo Logik water bottle I was eager to discover how to collapse the bottle to make it half the size. The instructions, like most, were a little confusing and frustrating, but eventually I was able to do it. Since then, I haven’t gone backpacking, but this product has improved my day to day life.

I love this product for the following reasons:

1. The bright color helps me find it when it gets “lost”.

2. The top has a quick unlatch button for easy access.

3. The spout is large, so you can drink big gulps in a short amount of time by tilting your head back. It’s just big enough to refill at water stations without taking the top off.

4. The camo strap is cute and comfy to wear around your wrist while walking/hiking, sometimes I forget it’s even there.

5. The squishy material collapses, but is firm enough.

6. It comes with a protective sleeve for hot drinks.

7. I have yet to taste plastic in my water since using it for 3 months.

8. There are measurements on the side of the bottle.

Overall, the Aigo Logik is a great water bottle, just $14.95 and the collapsable feature is a fun bonus. I can’t wait to use it on my next backpacking trip!

Aigo Logik Water bottle

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