Have you ever had someone approach you seeking comfort, only to leave you self reflecting on some situations in your own life? Hike Like A Woman Chief Adventure Officer Annie is on the blog today writing about an encounter she had with a acquaintance.

“Have you found Jesus?”, recently an acquaintance came to me and asked. Now I’m not a huge fan discussing religion with others mostly because people are not accepting of others views, but I knew this person to have lost her son to suicide not to long ago. I also knew that she was struggling to come to terms such a sudden loss of young life, a life she had brought into this world.

Yes two taboo subjects in the first paragraph.

I dabbled my toes into the conversation that was initiated and came to realize this woman was now struggling with the entire meaning of life.

What words do you offer someone? What words could you give them to help define and bring meaning to their life? In my experience I have learned that there are no words in these situations that could give what one is seeking. The sole responsibility lies within the person presenting the question itself. All I could offer this visibly suffering woman before me was my experience and what I had decided life meant to me.

I explained the later to her before telling her that life to me was gift and adventure. That when I look upon Mother Earth and see all that was created, I wanted to walk among it as long as possible. I would endure all forms suffering to be allowed to continue breathing, seeking, and absorbing with all my senses all the wonders of nature I could find. She had to find what this was for herself now after this tragedy. I comforted her in aspects of the Christian religion in relation to her son’s afterlife. I did the best I could to be of comfort in an honest fashion.

Her struggle to come to terms will continue, hopefully easing as time passes. This interaction though, left me self reflecting over some recent situations in my own life. How my current state of mind was perceiving these situations and how that related to my overall view of my life’s journey. My current perception was in direct conflict of my overall views. My train of thought seemed to stop, I wasn’t at a loss for words but a loss for thought. Epiphany time.

I couldn’t help my acquaintance today beyond what solace I had given, that is for her and the professionals she’s enlisted, but I could change my perception of a few things to align back with my overall views.

In the end this acquaintance while seeking something to comfort themselves from another who couldn’t provide it, was in a way, an assistance from the originator. One could interpret a myriad of things from this encounter & the epiphany itself, but the feeling it gave me was appreciation.

I didn’t shy away when presented with the initial subject matter, I tried to show compassion for my fellow “wo-man”, in the end I was rewarded with something completely unexpected and I can’t help but feel genuine appreciation for it and A LOT MORE.

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