Note: Pac Back provide samples to us at no charge in order to review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Mara here. I was thrilled to be able to review the Pac Back Trio a three-in-one sleeping pad, camp chair, and pillow. Below are my thoughts.

One of the first things people say to me when I tell them how much I love to camp is, “You mean, you sleep on the ground?!” Yes. Yes, I do. That is what camping is. But fortunately with the proper gear that bed on the ground isn’t as uncomfortable as it seems.

I never really was a fan of air mattresses. When I got into backpacking, I discovered sleep pads. Sleeping pads are kind of like air mattresses but way smaller and compact. You know so they can fit in a backpack. The Pac Back Trio is more than a sleeping pad. It is also a camp chair and a pillow, and this is great for backpacking. If you can pare down items to save on weight and space with a multipurpose piece of gear, then you know you’ve got a keeper.

One aspect of the Pac Back that I really love is that it has insulated chambers. It has heat reflective insulating technology that helps keep you warm while you sleep. It also protects you against the cold ground and is designed to keep you warm down to 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

The sleeping pad becomes a chair by folding into thirds with the bottom third being at a 90-degree angle. I like that top two-thirds provide a double-sided back. The Pac Back gives you enough cushion from the ground with one layer, and the two layers together give you more back support.

I love sleeping in the back of my car while road tripping or car camping. I have a Honda HRV and the back seats fold down to make a perfect living space. Although by it’s self it’s not the comfiest. I was sitting leaning with door handles poking me in the back and the metal frame of the backseat isn’t the most cushiony. But I love the addition of the Pac Back to my living space in the back of my car.

The Pac Back chair fits perfectly in my “living room” area of the back of the car. It makes sitting back there so much more comfortable. I can get work done, read, or listen to an audiobook and feel like I’m at home. Then when I’m ready to go to bed, I just unfold it and throw my sleeping bag on top of it.

The sleep pad version of the Pac Back is the most comfortable sleeping pad I have found. It’s fairly thick coming in at three inches. But unlike other thicker sleeping pads, it holds your weight evenly across and does not dip too much in one area or another.

The only con I found was it is a little on the heavy side. I’m used to keeping a pretty lightweight pack. However, with the Pac Back I wouldn’t need to carry a pillow or chair, so those two things can compensate for the extra weight.

And with anything lightweight, you sacrifice comforts and the Pac Back is definitely comfortable, so it is worth the weight.

I do need to note that the first Pac Back I received to test had a defect and would not stay inflated. However, Pac Back worked wonderfully with me and sent me a new one quickly with a hand-written note. I had no problems with the second one.

Pac Back stands behind their product and covers defects under its warranty. With a price point of $125, a comfy chair and sleeping, and excellent customer service I would definitely recommend the Pac Back to others!

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