Note: Adidas Outdoor provided a sample to us at no charge in order to review. All thoughts an opinions are our own.

Spring showers are here for most of us and that means having a good rain jacket is crucial. Ambassador Victoria reviewed the Adidas Parley 2L Jacket. Read what she thinks below.

When I moved to coastal Rhode Island 7 years ago, I thought I was living in paradise. The beach was always up to the road, the towns were quaint, and I was meeting great people.  Then Fall hit and I was shocked by how much it RAINED. It seemed like every day it was raining, and I quickly needed to invest in some rain boots and a waterproof jacket in order to trudge around campus without arriving to every class soaked to the skin.

As fall turned to winter, nothing changed. The rain continued until it was cold enough to snow, but with the warming temperatures of spring, the endless rains returned. The native Rhode Islanders didn’t seem to think anything of it, and now that I have been here over half a decade, I stopped noticing too.

My one complaint early in my rainy Rhody experience was that I couldn’t find a rain jacket that actually kept out the rain for long. Every jacket I bought seemed to be “waterproof” for the first few minutes, but couldn’t withstand any heavy rain. This is why the Adidas Parley 2L jacket definitely was a game changer.

Testing it out:

I began using my Adidas Parley 2L jacket in November. It was a mild fall, so I was able to use it as my main jacket through much of December. It was comfortable as a light jacket as well as a rain jacket, meaning I was always prepared for an unexpected downpour.

The first thing I noticed about this jacket was the material. Many rain jackets have a plastic-like texture on the outside, but the Parley almost feels soft, and it definitely adds to the comfort of the jacket. None of that annoying “swishing” sound when you walk that you get from many windbreakers and raincoats!

I chose the blue color, and I am always getting compliments on it. The jacket also fits great! I chose a medium and was pleased with the comfortable body fit as well as the length of the sleeves. It is breathable, and I have worn it on many hikes in wet weather without overheating.

My favorite thing about the jacket is the hood. It actually stays on your head, even if it is a windy day, and has a small bill in the front to both keep rain from dripping on your face and to keep the hood from collapsing. Not to mention that the jacket becomes cozy and warm as you pull the hood up. Even though it is only a two-layer jacket, I felt comfortable walking the dog and hiking in the rain in the jacket down to about 35F, and would even wear it hiking in cooler temperatures with a thicker layer underneath.


The only complaint I have about the jacket is the placement of the pockets. I felt that they were placed a little too high above the waist, and as someone who likes to walk with my hands in my jacket pockets, this was a bit disappointing. However, I have long arms and am still able to use them after getting used to it, and so this may be a personal preference issue more than anything.

My advice: Go For It!

Though the jacket is in a higher price range than I would normally consider, around $100.00, after using this product I definitely believe it is worth the cost. It rolls up small enough to fit comfortably in an almost-full daypack, and so I have started taking it on most of my New England mountain hikes, just in case. I would recommend this jacket to anyone commonly finding themselves out in the rain, or anyone looking for a versatile jacket for fall and spring. The jacket is very durable and I hope to continue enjoying the Rhode Island rains in it for years to come!

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