Note: Headsweats Brand provided a sample to us at no charge in order to review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

How do you keep your hair pulled back or ears warm? Ambassador Lorna reviewed Headsweats Band read below to see what she thinks!

I am a gear junky! I love trying new gear and seeing if it works better for me than my old gear. I love testing its usefulness, quality and yes I tend to judge it’s appearance.

I have several headbands. From narrow to wide, I got them. I use them for hiking, hunting, fishing, and biking. They are always great for bad hair days too (shhh!).

I recently got a Headsweats one to test out. Now let me start off by saying it had me from the start with its classy style – my style – black and red plaid with Sasquatch!

In all seriousness though, I really like how versatile it can be worn. I get to decide how narrow or wide I want the band. I can cover my ears to protect them, or not. I can use it as a full head cover. I can even pull it down around my neck if I prefer.

During hot summer hikes, I can see this band either keeping sweat off my head or being dampened to keep me cool.

During winter hikes, I already know it helps keep the wind and chill off my ears and neck if I prefer. During backpack trips or camping adventures, I can see using it for a pot holder, general camp rag, washcloth and so much more. It has more versatility than just how to wear it as a headband.

I am truly impressed with the Headsweat brand band!

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