A few weeks ago I had a crazy idea.

No biggie, about 100% of my ideas of crazy.

But actually, I was trying to solve a problem. A podcast problem. You see, I LOVE the HLAW podcast. It’s been such an amazing place to connect with our readers. It’s given us the chance to interview women of all walks of life and the chance to get to know those we’ve interviewed on a much deeper level. The podcast has been successful, but over the past 6 months it fell by the wayside, unattended and a sad part of our little HLAW world.

The amazing Crystal stepped up to revitalize it a few months ago, and quite honestly she saved the show. But in analyzing it we realized that it was taking us about 8 hours to produce a 30-45 minute show every week and we figured that there had to be an easier way to do the show.

So, we put our heads together and came up with a plan to record a show LIVE every week with the goal to boost our YouTube channel and Facebook profile. We figured that recording live would eliminate a lot of the scheduling, editing and really show our authentic selves because well….you can’t take back what you say on LIVE streaming. 

As we’ve made several changes the past month at HLAW Headquarters one of the biggest changes has been to focus more on our community and showing ourselves just as we are every single Tuesday morning is a big, scary step in that direction.

So we got to work…

Figuring out all of the technical requirements and setting up a show schedule.

Then we hopped on a “test run” last Tuesday to make sure that everything was in order.

Then satisfied with the free trial versions of the software and programs we were using to live stream on YouTube and Facebook simultaneously we forked over a few hundred dollars to make it happen (eeks!).

We are all set to go LIVE at 8:30 am (Mountain) this morning…and here’s where I want to write that it was awesome! We went live and everything functioned as it should…but I’ll let our slack chat do the talking…

Rebecca [8:19 AM]
Alright @Crystal Osborn I’m ready! Let me know when you are and I’ll skype ya!

Rebecca [8:32 AM]
@Crystal Osborn OMG! The call recording software is reinstalling!

Crystal Osborn [8:32 AM]
Just our luck

Rebecca [8:32 AM]
Bahaha! I thought we were so on top of things 😉

Crystal Osborn [8:32 AM]
No worries, take ur time. My girls and husband are relaxing watching Moana.
Lol, the software is testing us

Rebecca [8:34 AM]
I think we’re good, calling you again as soon as Skype quits its spinning circle of disappointment.
My computer hates skype

Rebecca [8:49 AM]
@Crystal Osborn I’m restarting my computer…ugh!

Crystal Osborn [8:51 AM]
Gotta love it
Well at least it didn’t happen in the middle of the show lol

Okay logging back into ecamm and Skype right now. :crossed_fingers:

Crystal Osborn [8:59 AM]

I’m watching videos of the massive gator :crocodile: seen walking around

Rebecca [9:01 AM]
Bahaha! Waiting on Skype. Again.

Crystal Osborn [9:01 AM]
Damn Skype

Rebecca [9:01 AM]

Crystal Osborn [9:02 AM]
Oh yeah and he’s not even the biggest ones we’ve seen. They had a 15 foot gator stuck in a storm drain the other day!
Florida is like living in the modern day Jurassic Park lol

Why do I give you that backstory?

Because I want you to know that behind the microphone we’re weird and quirky and that’s who we are and that’s what you’re going to see every week.

I think we have a tendency to take ourselves too seriously. We want to kick back, let our hair down and show you that we’re not perfect and we’re proud of it.

So onto today’s show.

In today’s podcast, we talk about a few recent changes to Hike Like A Woman. We talk about our upcoming events and group hikes this weekend, we talk about bigfoot and alligators. We talk about our goal to bring more diverse voices to the show and our upcoming Ambassador application process.

We hope you enjoy our often goofy and sometimes serious conversation today.

If you’d like to join us for a hike this weekend be sure to check out our “Find A Hiking Group Page” and if you’d like to check out some awesome blog posts written by our Ambassadors on their personal websites check out the links below.

A huge thank you to today’s sponsor, the Mountain View Hotel and Cafe in scenic Centennial Wyoming. The Mountain View Hotel is the unofficial headquarters of Wyoming-based HLAW events. If you’re headed our direction be sure to stay and enjoy their historic hotel and delicious food.


To listen to today’s show simply click play below:


Or View it on YouTube right here.


Thanks for joining us, until next week Rebecca & Crystal out 🙂

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