Today we follow Allison outside after a wet winter in CA.  She’s a HLAW ambassador who hikes as often as she can locally in the Sacramento area with her dog, Maggy.  Her favorite sound is the crunch of her hiking shoes as they hit the trail! You can find her writing and striving for a more simple life at Start A Simple Life.

If you’re a resident of California and a hiker you probably have been closely watching for the rain to break for months now. California just got out of one of its wettest winters in decades. As soon as I could I hit the nearest trail!

I recently moved to the Sacramento, CA area and the nearest hiking trails for me are at Folsom Lake SRA.  (Right about now you’re probably thinking you’ve heard the word “Folsom” before.  Maybe at grandpa’s house or if you enjoy hits from decades past. Johnny Cash had a very famous song written about Folsom Prison called “Folsom Prison Blues” yet don’t let the local prison keep you from this wonderful town and lake.)  Folsom Lake is actually the American River dammed up to make a reservoir and there are 100’s of miles of trails here!

Heading out on a bright March Saturday morning around 8:30 AM I hit the Western States Pioneer Express Trail.  The sky is blue, it’s about 58 degrees F and the ground is mostly dry. It’s the perfect day for hiking!

I take my doggy Maggy with me when I hike, she makes me walk faster since I can’t keep up with her 4 legs.  I always joke to myself that she has “four-paw drive” because I just can’t keep up with her on any terrain.

Since we’re right near a lake of course we hit mud right away from the runoff.  It’s ok, mud is fun. Every low point in this hike had mud and we both ended up with muddy paws.  Yet I know come summer the heat will dry everything up.

The trail I followed is beautiful with views of the lake every so often along with huge boulders and so many trees!  This time of year we start to see flowers bloom and with flowers the butterflies are active. And a couple of small waterfalls too!

We hike 2 miles in and 2 miles back, this isn’t a loop yet the trail, I do believe, goes for about 35 miles and the signs on the trail noted it was a horse trail.  We didn’t see any horses that day yet did see many “signs” of them, if you catch what I mean. The trail section I did had rolling hills and Alltrails (I track my trails with this app) said I did 430 feet in elevation.  That’s not much if I’m training to hike to Yosemite’s Vernal and Nevada Falls via Mist Trail in a few weeks that touts 2100 feet in elevation gain!

I was a happy hiker that day and can’t wait to get back there this week to try another trail!

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