Note: Sauce provided a sample to us at no charge in order to review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

When playing in the wintertime, springtime, or hiking high peaks in the summer, you gotta keep your head and ears warm! Ambassador Cheryl reviewed Sauce’s Active Chill Torque. Read below to see what she thinks!

I have a new favorite piece of gear for winter… And I suspect for late fall, spring and high mountain summers as well!

Winter hats are a necessity when venturing outdoors for a hike, xc ski or just to get a load of firewood, but I’ve never found the right one.  I had a few “faves” that were ok and fit the bill, but I never fell in love with one; until now, that is. Sauce Active’s Chill Toque has become my one piece of winter gear I simply have to have with me, regardless of where I’m going or doing this season, and here’s why:

1. It covers my ears.  It’s designed long enough to cover my ears completely!  My ears are very sensitive to cold and while most cover “most” of my ears, this is the only that offers full protection while not looking dorky.

2. And that ear protection is lined with a band of warm, soft fleece to keep them extra cozy while absorbing perspiration around the rest of the head.

3. While the band is warm and fuzzy fleece, the rest is not; it’s a nice stretchy poly/spandex blend, so it doesn’t cause crazy static with my hair and helps prevent overheating.

4. In addition to the smart fabric design, a vent-hole (see below) ensures your head won’t overheat, even in high aerobic workouts like trail-running or a brisk snowshoe!

5. The design of the venthole is spiraled, so it can open a bit more but usually reverts to being closed quite tightly, so even in a heavy wet snow fall, my hair didn’t get wet.

6. It fits comfortably under both my ski and climbing helmets.  The fabric also slides easily under hoods and doesn’t get hung up.

7. As my old mountaineering instructor used to say: “The first rule of mountaineering?  Look good.” I get at least one compliment every time I’ve worn it in public, and from just as many men as women!  On a final note, the Chill Toque has some really cool graphics and colors that make them just as great for men as women!

8. Know what else? Sauce Active is a small business that makes all of their products in Bozeman, Montana!

I give the Chill Toque two huge thumbs up and highly suggest you buy one, $32.00. Check out their website too;  they have some amazing tights and active skirts as well that I’m dying to try!

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