Nature connects us all on such a deep level. But Ambassador Lori finds an even deeper level and discovers how bittersweet life can be.

As I looked through my dad’s belongings, I found a few bundles of old photos. I opened one bunch and tears began to pour out of my eyes.  I had no idea my dad and I were that connected. I knew we had hiking, photography & writing in common. However, until his death & this very day looking through his last earthly belongings, I had no idea just how much, we had in common.

I have wanted to do. The West Coast Trail for the past several years now. A thru 75 km (47 miles) rugged trail on B.C.’s West Coast in Canada. Whether you start North to South or South to North, it’s one of the toughest trails to complete in Canada. I’ve read it is comparable to the John Muir trail…

The WCT has slippery logs, muddy trails, slick boulders, rocky shorelines, ascending & descending 30 ft ladders, wading rivers, using cable cars and navigating steep slopes. There’s Tide Tables to figure out & unpredictable weather conditions. It takes 5-8 days to complete the trail. Each year it’s only accessible from May-Sept. You must pre-book & pay months earlier to travel on it. You are lucky to get a spot when it opens each year on January 7th. Only 50-ish people can start the trail daily and some of those people will be evacuated off the trail without even finishing it.

So why do I want to hike, The West Coast Trail?

It’s the history of the trail and the footsteps once taken by our country’s indigenous people that fascinates me. The old growth, waterfalls, shipwrecks, wild ocean, rainforest, funky caves, rock formations, the stories, photography, meeting like-minded people from around the world and to be able to stand by the 75 km sign post. All of that and more excites me and in the very same moment it scares me. What if I get evacuated out but what if I make it?

In my dad’s bundle of photos dated 7/13/1998 were of his trip along, The West Coast Trail. I had no idea he had went. This meant I now have a real reason to complete the trail. To walk one person’s footsteps who you respected and loved very much. To have that connection with my dad once again. To have him walk beside me in spirit as I make this trek. Oh, what a journey that would be. We put things off in life for reasons unknown and then it’s too late. I made a huge mistake in my past once and I don’t want to miss this opportunity while I still have my health and regret it later. Should have, would have could have… Is my dad telling me to go from the grave? Is he saying it’ll all be ok? Is he saying I can do this…You bet he is, cause that what dad’s do!

If I make this journey in the summer of 2019 it’ll be 21 years to the date, he made this trek. He would have been 54 when he made the trip… the same age as me right now! Life is strange that way, don’t ya think? I believe I’ll be trailblazing my dad’s footsteps soon before it’s too late. I’m hoping for 2019.

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  1. You can do this! I know your passion & determination will get you through! And knowing your dad is with each step of the way will make it magical.

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