Note: TrailFork provided samples to us at no charge in order to review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Good meals in the backcountry or after a long day hike are essential to comfort your tired bones and warm your soul. An easy-to-prepare meal is makes it all the better. Ambassador Jessica reviewed TrailFork; read below to see what she thinks!

Whenever someone asks if I’m up for reviewing food of any kind, my answer is always an emphatic “Yes!”, so my ears perked up when I heard TrailFork mentioned.TrailFork’s dehydrated meals are available in individual pouches or as meal kits. I received samples of the peanut butter banana oats, coconut chana masala, and the unwrapped burrito.

Rehydration is fairly quick and easy with instructions and ingredients on the back of each pouch. Out of the three samples I tried, the one with the most flavor and best consistency was the unwrapped burrito. Filled with rice, peppers, beans, and seasonings, this meal was packed full of flavor and ready to eat in 15 minutes. I was able to make two meals out of the pouch. Meal preparation takes anywhere from 5-20 minutes depending on the meal.

Something else that caught my eye was the fact the pouches were 100% home compostable. This is a big yes in my book. I’m an avid composter, so knowing I could toss the packages in my compost pile at home instead of the garbage was a plus. TrailFork also gives back 1% to the planet by donating to the Friends of the Cedar Mesa in Utah, another plus!

I’m not a backpacker, but I am a day hiker and camper, so meals like this would be easy to pack for a trip and convenient to whip up after a long day of hiking. And knowing the packaging is environmentally friendly just makes me feel good.

While these meals were tasty, they do run a bit more in price compared to some other dehydrated meals I’ve tried. But, the flavor may very well outweigh the cost. The other downside was the use of caramel color in the unwrapped burrito. This is something I personally try to avoid in food of any kind. The oatmeal and the masala did not include any artificial coloring and had simple ingredients while still maintaining a good flavor.

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