Note: Kula Cloth provided a sample to us at no charge in order to review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

How do you take care of business in the wilds? When you don’t have a restroom, sometimes it’s hard to keep things sanitary. But Kula Cloth has come up with a solution. Ambassador Lori reviewed Kula Pee Cloth, read below to see what she think?

A pee cloth…really there’s one of those? I had no idea. Wow, what a great invention.

My Kula Cloth came in the mail quite quickly all the way to Canada. How wonderful is that? Quite brilliant actually… because Canadians pee in the bush while hiking. I have found a lot if U.S.A. companies will not ship to Canada. I was thrilled they did. On the outside of my packaging was a note… it read, “Lori, hope you love Kula as much as I do-Happy adventuring! Love Anastasia.” It’s these things in life, the little extra’s that make our first impressions, awesome and memorable.

I immediately snapped my Kula pee cloth to my pack and looked forward to my first pee in nature. That might sound weird, but I was excited to pee outdoors, to put this cloth to the test and thrilled to tell you all about it. I took Kula out the very next day. I always need to pee when I’m hiking.

I usually bring a Ziplock baggie along and put the used t-paper inside and take it home. Kula takes these steps away and makes this process so much easier. One less thing to pack in & out. I believe in, “Leave No Trace.” I pee, unsnap the cloth, wipe with plain black dimpled side and snap it back on my pack. It’s so simple.

I found Kula super absorbent and convenient. I love that it snaps back in place with the pretty design visible. It’s ready for my next use. It looks like a camera lens cleaner so no one would know what it is hanging there. Mostly, I love that it’s “Leave No Trace.” You can use Kula for many days or several times out. I washed mine in the washer and snapped it back on my pack to dry but you can dry it on medium heat.

I would highly recommend having a Kula Cloth whether it’s for a day trip or multiple trekking adventures. Kula Cloth retails for $20.00 USmoney – well spent. Get your Kula here:

Happy peeing outdoors!




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