Note: My Trail Co provided a sample to us at no charge in order to review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Every girl needs a place to store all her stuff. Ambassador Jessica reviewed the My Trail Co Backpack HL 20. Read below to see if it fits all her stuff.

I’m always excited to give new gear a try, especially backpacks. My outings consist mostly of day hikes, and so I was looking forward to giving My Trail Co’s HL 20 backpack a whirl.

While color isn’t necessarily the most important component in gear selection, I was pleased I had the option to choose from either blue or black/grey. Naturally, I chose the black/grey pack. These are my go to colors for pretty much anything in life. The HL 20 pack also offers a small/medium or medium/large option. As someone who is of shorter stature, the small/medium option was an added bonus.

I tried this pack out in a couple of different settings; a longer day hike in a local state forest which meant packing more items including water, food, first aid kit, and a couple of extra layers of clothing. I also used it on shorter hikes with my Hike Like a Woman locals group. It’s proving to be a great option to keep stowed in my Jeep too. I can go anywhere on a whim and have a pack available for spontaneous hikes.

What I like most about this pack is how lightweight it feels. And, even when I had it loaded up, it didn’t feel cumbersome. To open the pack is easy enough; it has a drawstring top, as well as a strap that buckles over the top of the pack, which ensures a more secure closure. Shoulder straps on this pack are nicely padded and the hip belt allows for a more tailored fit. Both the shoulder straps and hip belt are adjustable.

While there’s not many downsides to the HL 20, the haul handle was the one thing I could have done without. I know this makes for easier pick up of the pack if you don’t want to have to sling it over your shoulder, but the handle on this pack seemed to feel “in the way” and rubbed on the back of my neck while wearing it. However, as time went on, I didn’t notice it quite as much. There are no individual compartments within this pack, so there’s no way to separate anything you’re carrying. However, for day hikes, this didn’t really didn’t prove to be an issue. All in all, I’m pleased with the HL 20 and it’s found a permanent home in my Jeep for when the trail calls.

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