“How’s it going?”

“How are you doing?”

These are two phrases are uttered constantly in our daily conversation. The responses vary…

“I’m doing well.”

“I’m fine, thanks for asking.”

“I’m good.”

But, what if we asked how someone is doing and genuinely wanted to know the answer?

What if we asked how someone is doing and then paused to wait before diving into how we’re doing?

What if we listened?

And what if we were just a little bit more vulnerable and had the courage to tell a friend how we’re really doing when they ask?

Today I’m challenging you to ask a friend how they are doing, to listen to their response and then to invite them to grab a coffee or take a walk on a trail to talk about it.

Have you ever noticed that the best friendships are formed on the trails and the most authentic conversations happen in a forest or on a mountain top.

Let’s listen. Let’s hike and let’s become the friend that we all need.



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