Let’s Play Hiking Bingo!

Lake Lotus Park in Altamonte Springs, FL

If you’re a parent like me then you know kids can sometimes get bored “just hiking” down a trail. Yes they can play with sticks, skip rocks, and enjoy great conversation with us, but sometimes they need a little more. 

This is why I created these kid friendly hiking bingo cards!

It’s a great way to keep them busy while learning about the nature that surrounds them. Here’s how it works, print off a card for each kid (there are three different versions so kids can have different cards). Then, while hiking along your trail have them search for the items on their card; once they find that item mark it off. They first to get a Bingo wins. I usually bring some stickers with me. If the game ends too soon then I will make it a “black out” game. The first to fill their entire card gets a prize back at the vehicle.

These cards are geared more towards southern USA regions, but feel free to change some of the slots to something known in your region. Going on vacation? search what is native there and make a new card for that particular location. Keep the game interesting and fun! 

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Now print those cards and go explore! The world is waiting for you! 

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