Hike Like A Woman has come a long way.

There was a time in our past that we’re not proud of.

A time when brands were shoving a ton of free gear our way for testing and review. And by review we mean that our team didn’t always give gear a proper testing or give it an unbiased review. But times have changed and one thing that you’ve requested is REAL gear reviews.

You want to know what gear we’re using.

What gear we like.

What gear we don’t like.

Gear fails.

Gear wins.

But mostly you don’t want to read or watch fluffy sh*t about how every product we use is awesome. Because we know the truth, not all gear is created equal.

Say hello to our new YouTube series, Dirty Gear Reviews. This is the place where we use our OWN money to buy gear, use it, abuse it and tell you about it. These aren’t sponsored post or advertisements. We aren’t getting paid for this content. This is the good, bad and ugly. Gear wins and gear fails with what we’re actually using on the trails. 

(Well, actually this YouTube series is in partnership with HLAW Founder, Rebecca’s outdoor retail store, Laramie’s Basecamp) and today she tells us her thoughts on the La Sportiva Bushido II trail running shoes.

You can watch her video below or read the transcript below.

Cheers to dirty trail runners!

Dirty Gear Review: La Sportiva Bushido II.

I’ve been wearing these shoes and nearly every day for almost three months now. I’m not much of a trail runner. I am a hiker, I’m a mom, I’m a small business owner. These are my go-to everyday shoe.

So, if I’m chasing my kids around the playground, if we’re riding our bikes on the Greenbelt, if I’m on a hike up at Vedauwoo, these are the shoes that I’m wearing. If I’m at work, these are my everyday shoe.

Here’s what I like about them.

Padded tongue

I never realized that a shoe should have a padded tongue until I tried these and I was like, “Ooh, that makes the top of my foot feel really good.” It’s a little comfort feature you don’t think about.

Comfortable out of the box

The insole on these, they were super comfortable right out of the box and miles and miles later they are still comfortable.


I have really, really sweaty feet, the world’s sweatiest feet. It’s disgusting. And these shoes breathe super well. I don’t have any problems with blisters, with my feet just getting damp and gross in there, so I like the breathability.


I think the real winner with this shoe is the traction. I have worn these shoes on pretty much every type of terrain, from granite slabs up Vedauwoo to sand and dirt, loose gravel roads, sidewalks, the carpet at Basecamp. They are super, super duper grippy.

They’re gonna get wet

These are not a Gore-Tex shoe, which is great because they’re a little more breathable, but when they get wet, they get wet. The good news is they do dry quickly, but these aren’t like a I’m going to go run through every puddle I can find kind of shoe. T


I’m a solid women’s size 7 1/2. That’s about a 39 in Euro. With La Sportiva, I tend to size up a bit. So, these are a 39.5. If going to buy these, go up a half size, you probably don’t need to go up a full size, but definitely go up half a size.


I didn’t mention this in the video but the color is just kind of “meh” — I like the pop of pink on these shoes BUT the gray is a little bit too dull and boring. I like my footwear flashy and fun so this is all personal preference. Thank goodness that color does not effect performance 🙂

But wait…there’s more

One thing I do want to mention is I’ve only worn these throughout the spring and the early part of the summer. I have not tested them on icy streets and sidewalks. I haven’t done any winter stuff with them. So, I need a shoe that’s capable of performing well in all seasons. All, two seasons here in Wyoming, winter and not winter.

So, I’m going to follow up with this review here in a couple of months once we get some snow flying and some ice and really let you know how this sticky rubber grip holds up.

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p.s. Be sure to check out our previous post all about how to take care of your feet in the backcountry.

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