You’ve done it a million times before but have you ever stopped to think about it?

That’s right.

Today we’re talking about the proper way to put on your backpack.

I know it sounds weird, right?

Is there really a right and a wrong way to put on your backpack?

Today I’m not telling you there’s a right and a wrong way to put on your backpack. I’m just going to share with you the easiest and what I think is the best way to put on your backpack.

Let’s say you’re getting ready to go on a backpacking trip and you have your backpack here. And it is all full of good stuff like snacks and whatever you need at your campsite.

You want to be able to put your  backpack on your back without any twisting and tweaking and weirdness. You want it to feel really good and really comfortable.

Here’s what you do.

(Side note: this works for kid carriers too. If you’re a parent out there and you’re carrying a kid on your back, put your kid carry on like this, trust me. It will make a world of difference.)

Step 1. Squat

Bend one knee, grab your backpack and hoist it onto one knee. Make sure the waist strap is open, then push one arm through one shoulder strap, pull it through and grab the side of your pack with that arm, slide your other arm through and now your pack is on your back, but feeling funky, because your load is off balance.

Step 2. Adjust the load

Most backpacks have 4 main strap areas, the hip strap, shoulder straps, sternum straps and load lifters. The order that you adjust these straps is important.

The first strap you want to adjust is your hip belt. Most backpackers that I see on the trails are wearing their hip belt too low, you want that buckle to line up with your belly button even if it makes you feel like a dork. You want the weight resting on the top of your hips.

The next straps to adjust are your shoulder straps.

A lot of people just like crank those straps straight down, but don’t do that. Instead pull them back toward your pack for a more comfortable fit.

Next, adjust that sternum strap so it’s comfortable on your chest and finally adjust those load lifters at the top of your backpack.

Load lifters are the straps that I tend to adjust the most when I’m out on a backpacking trip

So there you have it, the proper way to put on your backpack and adjust your straps.

If you have any more questions about backpacking or hiking drop a comment below so we can answer them on our next video. 






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