Ardeen Duckworth

Name: Ardeen Duckworth

Hometown: Living in Surrey BC, Canada, originally from Edmonton AB

Occupation: Outdoor retail

Favorite place to hike: Anywhere near Whistler BC

What’s one book you’d recommend to a friend and why: The Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown. It’s such an inspiring story of hard work, dedication, and overcoming immense odds.

What’s your favorite thing to cook for dinner: Roasted veggies and potatoes done on the grill. Okay, pretty much anything done on a grill…

What’s your favorite quote: Everything happens for a reason. Not quite a quote, but words of wisdom.

If you could hike with anyone, dead or alive who would be and why: Mary Schaffer Warren, who explored and surveyed Alberta’s Banff and Jasper National Parks in the early 1900’s. Originally from Philadelphia, she was drawn to the mountains and became an integral part of the history of the area. If Mary weren’t free for a hike, I’d choose my husband and kids. 🙂

What the one piece of gear that always has a place in your backpack: A headlamp. And chocolate.

If you could drop what you’re doing right now and had unlimited funds what’s the one place you’d go hiking: New Zealand!

Where can we find you on the internet:

Is there anything else you’d like to add: So excited to be a part of this group! Living an active outdoor lifestyle is hugely important to me, and sharing and motivating other women and girls to do the same is absolutely my passion. It’s enormously empowering, and we need a lot more of that sort of strength, resilience, and positivity.