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Navigation Skills for Hikers

Excited for an upcoming camping or hiking trip, but want to make sure you have your navigation, map, and GPS skills up to speed? In this course, hone your outdoor navigation abilities and never get lost again! Discover how to read a map using the UTM coordinate system and longitude and latitude, then review how to examine a topographical map, and use a compass. Plus get insights into how to utilize the most helpful GPS features to make navigating a little easier in the great outdoors!

Brush up on your outdoor education and join us over on Curious for a course in backcountry navigation. These classes are taught by Rebecca (who runs things here at Hike Like A Woman) and her husband Al, as part of their navigation school.

 Here are links to the lessons:

Some of the classes are free, for others you’ll need to be a member of the Curious community. But there is a free trial period for a week when signing up that will allow you to access thousands of courses on Curious about a wide variety of topics so check it out (and let us know what you think!)