Meet a few of our Hike Like A Woman Contributors.

These women contribute to the website and are in the pipeline to becoming next year’s #teamHLAW.

Marinel de Jesus

Photo courtesy Marinel de Jesus


Tanya Roerick

Photo courtesy Tanya Roerick
  • Current Home: We move a lot, but right now Bemidji, Minnesota!
  • Favorite Local Trail: I haven’t explored many hiking trails here yet so I am going to do my favorite local New Mexico trail which is Tent Rocks National Monument hike.
  • If Tanya could hike just one trail it would be…The Inca Trail! I love history and it looks like it has some amazing views!
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Magretha “Mo” Palepale

Linda Williams

Photo courtesy Linda Williams
  • Current Home: Beaverton, Oregon
  • Favorite Local Trail: The one I’m hiking on right now! 🙂 But seriously, I don’t have one favorite – for the Columbia River Gorge, it would be the Eagle Creek Trail, for Mt Hood it would be McNeil Point, and for Mt St Helens, the Boundary Trail to Coldwater Peak
  • If Linda could hike just one trail it would be…The Pacific Crest Trail through Oregon. The PCT has always intrigued me and I’d love to follow it through my entire home state. Maybe when I retire! 🙂
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Suzi Minor

Photo courtesy Suzi Minor
  • Current Home: Sedona, Arizona
  • Favorite Local Trail: Llama trail
  • If Suzi could hike just one trail it would be…The Arizona trail is an 800+ trail that runs from the Mexico border through the state of Arizona up to the Utah state line. It would be a challenge for me physically yet a dream to see the diversity of this beautiful state I call home, from the dry dusty desert of the southern region through the Mogollon Rim up to the lush pine forests of the north.
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Bozenka Raich

Photo courtesy Bozenka Raich
  • Current Home: Can I say all of New Zealand?! Let’s say the South Island of New Zealand as I was originally in Queenstown, then Invercargill and now may be returning to Wanaka! 🙂
  • Favorite Local Trail: My favorite trail is hands down the Routeburn Track. One of the Great Walks of New Zealand.
  • If Bozenka could hike just one trail it would be…Te Araroa trail in New Zealand as it traverses the length of the two islands. I have finally realised living here why it’s called God’s country and if I could spend 24/7 hiking this stunning country I would. It’s gobsmackingly breathtakingly beautiful. Day and night.

Maria Janowiak



Photo courtesy Maria Janowiak
  • Current Home: Upper Michigan
  • Favorite Local Trail: The trails on our new property are my favorite lately!
  • If Maria could hike just one trail it would be…The trail to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. I’ve wanted to do it ever since high school.
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Heidi Schertz


Photo courtesy Heidi Schertz
  • Current Home: Milwaukee, WI
  • Favorite Local Trail: The Ice Age Trail
  • If Heidi could hike just one trail it would be…The Appalachian Trail. I think there’s something about being one of the many who hike it. As a trail, it has a little of everything and it has that magic. I’d love to be able to thru-hike it with my family. We don’t have any elevation really in Wisconsin, so the mountains are definitely calling. I want to see if it lives up to the hype.
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April McPherson

Photo Courtesy April McPherson
  • Current Home: Cedar City, UT
  • Favorite Local Trail:Oh boy, too many to say! Either the short but fun Bristlecone Pine Trail, or couple day trip, Virgin River Rim Trail
  • If April could hike just one trail it would be…I’m going to have to go with the PCT. Growing up in Southern California I’ve only met small parts of it, but to accomplish such an amazing thing through an area I called home for 24 years and also trek into new and gorgeous territory (OR & WA) would really be something!
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