Diane Shearer


Name: Diane Shearer

Hometown: Johannesburg, South Africa 

Occupation: Illustrator and Graphic Designer 

Favorite Local Hike: Bell Traverse in the Drakensberg. Although it’s not one of the most difficult hikes in the Drakensberg it is very exposed with a couple of scary sections and AMAZING views. 

What Hike Like A Woman means to you & why you wanted to be part of this team: One of my favorite things about hiking is sitting around a campfire (or gas stove) and swapping stories about everyone’s past hikes and adventures. Well, Hike Like A Woman is the second best thing! I love reading about everyone’s adventures and thoughts from all around the world, It gives me a serious case of itchy feet. 

I am often the only girl when I go hiking which is really awesome when I see the look on the boys’ faces when I scramble up the mountain faster than they can. I spend so much time with the boys that I often forget I am a girl and I think the boys do as well because I have often been called the Alpha Male of the group. Being part of the Hike Like A Woman community with badass, supportive, outdoorsy woman really gives me the support I need as a woman and a sense of belonging. 

As Hike like a woman ambassadors, our love for the mountain often finds its way onto a page. I am a bit of an unconventional Hike Like A Woman Ambassador because as an artist the natural world has always been one of the biggest inspirations for my art. I love spending time in the outdoors and have been hiking, camping and climbing things since I was a kid. I love to explore the world and tell stories about my experience through drawings. Hike Like a Woman is full of women that love to create stories (art) that fellow nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts can relate to and enjoy. 

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