It’s All About Community…

We believe in the power of community, both online and in-person and we know that sometimes there’s nothing better than hitting the trails with a group of friends.

That’s why we started our Hike Like A Woman Locals program, to connect you with our Ambassadors & Contributors who have volunteered to lead group hikes in their local areas.

Here’s how HLAW Locals works.

1. Find a local HLAW hiking group in your area.

2. Click to join their private facebook page.

3. Follow their facebook page for information on group hikes and local outdoor activities.

4. Check out our terms of use at the bottom of this page and join us for a hike.

5. Share your adventures with us on social media using the hashtag #hikelikeawoman!

Don’t see a local hiking group in your area? Click here to connect with other rad lady hikers on our Find A Hiking Partner page. ¬†Want to become a HLAW Ambassador so you can lead hiking groups for us? Stay tuned for information on how to apply


Terms of Use:

Hike Like a Woman is happy to help connect people who want to hike with volunteers who want to lead local hikes. But is it important to remember a few things.

The outdoors is dangerous and unpredictable, and conditions on the ground, including the location and safety of trails, change constantly.

You agree that you have all the necessary skills and capabilities to venture into the outdoors and independently assess all dangers.

Our hiking group leaders are volunteers, not professional guides. They are happy to offer what knowledge and experience they have. But it is up to you to be prepared with appropriate clothing, food, water, and any equipment you might want or need.

You agree that you will defend, indemnify and hold harmless Hike Like A Woman LLC and it’s employees and volunteers from and against all claims and causes of action of any kind, including those sounding in tort or in contract, or based upon any law or statute.

You assume all risks associated with hiking with a Hike Like A Woman Locals group and release the Company for any claim of negligence.