It’s All About Community…

We believe in the power of community, both online and in-person and we know that sometimes there’s nothing better than hitting the trails with a group of friends.

That’s why we started our Hike Like A Woman Locals program, to connect you with our Ambassadors & Contributors who have volunteered to lead group hikes in their local areas.

Here’s how HLAW Locals works.

1. Find a local HLAW hiking group in your area.

2. Click to join their private facebook page.

3. Follow their facebook page for information on group hikes and local outdoor activities.

4. Check out our terms of use at the bottom of this page and join us for a hike.

5. Share your adventures with us on social media using the hashtag #hikelikeawoman!

Find A Hiking Partner / Link to Facebook group


We know that it will take time to grow our HLAW Locals program and offer more group hikes throughout the world.

Until then we’ve started a meet-up facebook group. The goal here is to connect you with another HLAW reader and hiker in your area who just might want to take a hike with you.

Hike Like A Woman Alaska/ Link to Facebook group


We plan to hike: Anchorage, Mat-Su, and Portage areas.

Our vision:  To get out and enjoy what Alaska has to offer! To be able to feel confident to hike with friends and family in bear country. I have little ones so hikes will be child lead until summer comes. Then we can have evening hikes under the midnight sun without kids.

Hike Like A Woman Arkansas/ Link to Facebook group


We plan to hike: The Ouachita and Ozark national forests. Hiking in Hot Springs National Park, or the Buffalo National River

Our vision: To get women outdoors and exploring The Natural State. I hope to empower women and encourage them to be confident in being an outdoorsy woman.

Hike Like A Woman Arizona Meet Up / link to Facebook group

We currently don’t have a leader for our Hike Like A Woman Arizona Group but you’re welcome to join our Facebook group there to meet a local hiking partner.


Hike Like A Woman Ark-La-Tex/Link to Facebook group


We plan to hike: Parts of Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas.

Our vision: To get more women outdoors. To help them get away from everyday stresses and decompress in nature. To help educate, empower, and find other women like us. To also show women it is never too late to learn and enjoy the outdoors.

Hike Like A Woman Central Florida/ link to Facebook group


We plan to hike: Orlando and Surrounding Areas

Our vision: Our vision is to have small groups hiking shorter lengths (1-4 miles) on a weekly or monthly basis, and Once a quarter to have a Longer length hike (7+ miles). I want women in the group to be able to suggest places to hike so we can explore all areas of Central Florida, especially some of the little-known trails. We can hike paved or dirt, it doesn’t matter, as long as we are hiking it together!


Hike Like A Woman Great Smoky Mountains/link to Facebook group


We plan to hike: The Smoky Mountains and surrounding areas

Our vision: To get more women outside exploring and empowering themselves.

Hike Like A Woman Heartland’s River Region/link to Facebook group


Where we plan to hike: Pennyrile State Forest, Land Between the Lakes, Mantle Rock and parts of The Shawnee National Forest.

Vision: Camaraderie on the trail; kick it with like-minded women logging a few miles on various trails. Short distance hikes to relax the mind, soothe the soul, get outdoors and in shape! Hiking newbies welcomed!

Hike Like A Woman Monadnock/Link to Facebook group


We plan to hike: Trails around the Monadnock area of Southern NH between Wilton and Keene, NH

Our vision: To get woman outside more and enjoy the local trails.

Hike Like A Woman Northern Colorado/link to Facebook group


We plan to hike: Arapaho/Roosevelt National Forest, Rawah Wilderness, Rocky Mountain National Park, Indian Peaks Wilderness.

Our vision: To meet like-minded women in the area and explore the backcountry together! I’m a horse person so I’d be happy to work in group rides as well if there is interest.

Hike Like A Woman Rocky Mountains/Link to Facebook group

Contact: TBD

We plan to hike: Mountains off of I-70 in the front range. Near Georgetown-Breckinridge

Our vision: Women who like to get an alpine start and summit mountains.

Hike Like A Woman Northern Minnesota/Link to Facebook group

Contact: TBD

Where you plan to hike: We will plan hikes throughout northern Minnesota with our primary focus on Itasca State Park, Lake Bemidji State Park, and Chippewa National Forest

Vision: Our vision is to get women outside with other like-minded women! Each hike will provide opportunities to explore a different hiking trail, make new friends, and see some of our beautiful state!

Hike Like A Woman Southeast Iowa/Link to Facebook group


We plan to hike: In Iowa and surrounding states.

Our vision: It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from or your hiking experience. Whether you’ve hiked to Machu Picchu or out your back door makes no difference. This will be a group of AWESOME women from all different backgrounds getting together, out in nature. We have lots of great local places to hike and to see in Iowa. We can start off meeting once a month, and if it seems more hikes or less hikes are ideal, we can adjust how often we meet. And, you don’t have to be at every hike to be a part of this group. This will be a drama free, support one another, share a love for nature kinda group. We may want to take road trips in the future to hike in different places, or we can try snowshoeing. It doesn’t have to be just hiking. We can include kid/grandkid friendly hikes, photography hikes, bird watching hikes, a community service project, a retreat…the possibilities are endless! There’s no push to hike fast or hike hard. You set your pace and we can take as many breaks as necessary. Most importantly though, the hikes should be enjoyable for every one!

Hike Like A Woman Southern Utah/ Link to Facebook group


Where we plan to hike: We will be trekking through the beautiful land of Southern Utah, both front and backcountry (for those interested). From the St. George area to Cedar City and into the local canyons, there’s a lot of beautiful land to be seen!

Vision: To get women outdoors regardless of experience level and create an environment of like-minded women that encourage one another to be their best. Growing personal confidence, expanding their outdoor skills, and learning from one another are my key goals!

Hike Like A Woman Pacific NW Hikers/Link to Facebook group


Where we plan to hike: Williamette Valley, the coast, Columbia Gorge, central Oregon, southern Washington

Vision: There are endless trails to add to the list, let’s get out and conquer as many as we can. I would love to do some overnight trips as well as day hikes.

Hike Like A Woman Washington State/ Link to Facebook group


Where we plan to hike: Olympic Mountains, North, South & Central Cascades

Vision: To empower women by bringing them together to get out and explore our beautiful Washington Wilderness. Our activities include; day hikes and snow shoeing. Each excursion will provide an opportunity to share knowledge and experience, learn new skills, gain confidence, make new friends and recharge out in nature.


Hike Like A Woman Otago/Link to Facebook group


Where we plan to hike: Around the local Wanaka / Queenstown area and Otago but also could do some trips further afield

Vision: To bond, create friendships, to inspire, to educate, support and to come together. To heal to laugh to smile and come back home knowing that the great outdoors did something to your soul that day or night!


Hike Like A WomanNorth/Central Maryland (link to Facebook group)


About us: There’s so much to see and explore in the tri-state area including Maryland andWest Virginia! We’ll primarily be hiking in Baltimore, Howard, Carroll, Frederick, and Washington counties in Maryland, with occasional trips to Allegany and Garrett counties in MD, the southern counties in PA, and the eastern-most counties of WV.



Hike Like A Woman Wyoming (link to Facebook group)


About us: We love Wyoming! Come and hike with us, we’re headquartered out of Laramie’s Basecamp in beautiful downtown Laramie.


Terms of Use:

Hike Like a Woman is happy to help connect people who want to hike with volunteers who want to lead local hikes. But is it important to remember a few things.

The outdoors is dangerous and unpredictable, and conditions on the ground, including the location and safety of trails, change constantly.

You agree that you have all the necessary skills and capabilities to venture into the outdoors and independently assess all dangers.

Our hiking group leaders are volunteers, not professional guides. They are happy to offer what knowledge and experience they have. But it is up to you to be prepared with appropriate clothing, food, water, and any equipment you might want or need.

You agree that you will defend, indemnify and hold harmless Hike Like A Woman & Just Trails LLC and it’s employees and volunteers from and against all claims and causes of action of any kind, including those sounding in tort or in contract, or based upon any law or statute.

You assume all risks associated with hiking with a Hike Like A Woman Locals group and release the Company for any claim of negligence.