Jacquelyn O’Connor

Name: Jacquelyn O’Connor

Hometown: New Ipswich, NH 

Occupation:  Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker 

Favorite Hike: Kidder Mountain in New Ipswich, it’s short, but provides great views looking towards Boston and Southern NH and five minutes from my house. 

Hike Like a Woman means giving the strength, power, and tools to women to get outside and explore the great outdoors.  I know so many women who want to hike or do outdoor activities, but do not want to do it alone.  Hike Like a Women shares their love out of the outdoors and teaches other women how to get out more and enjoy the great outdoors.

I wanted to be part of this group because I strongly believe being outside is good for the mind, body, and soul.  I try to encourage as many people as I can in my professional and personal life to get outside more.  This group allows women to empower each other to get outside more and I feel privileged to be chosen as part of this movement. 

You can also find me here: www.gettinglosttogether.com