Jessica Hubbard

Name: Jessica Hubbard

Hometown: Fruitland, Iowa

Occupation: Big Brothers Big Sisters of Muscatine County/Musser Public Library/ Red Cedar Photos/Freelance Writer

Favorite Local Hike: Wild Cat Den State Park is my favorite local place to hike.

What Hike Like A Woman means to you & why you wanted to be part of this team: The idea, the word hiking can be an intimidating one. I have long envisioned the hiker as a certain person with a certain look, a look I definitely didn’t think I had. They were the person who raced to the summit of an amazing mountain top without skipping a beat and not even breathing heavy. Definitely not me. I’d trudge along and take breaks (and breathe heavy) and sometimes wonder why I was even making the attempt, but every time I made it to my destination, I’d remember this was the reason why.

I could do it, I did do it and there would be more moments like this. 

The Hike Like A Woman community has inspired me, encouraged me, empowered me; reaffirmed that I don’t have to be intimidated by the idea of hiking. Women from all walks of life are hiking in different places at different paces. I believe being a part of the HLAW team will offer a connection with women who share a passion for hiking and the outdoors; a place where I can share my experiences and learn from others. And, ultimately, help me gain the knowledge, the tools and skills to encourage and support other women in my community to get outside, to hike and connect with the natural world around them. 

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