Laura Friesen

Name: Laura Friesen

Hometown: Lanigan, Saskatchewan, Canada

Occupation: Blogger, hairdresser, part-time berry farmer, lifelong student….

Favourite local hike: My favourite local hike isn’t really a hike at all, rather, it’s wandering around my parents’ farmyard with my Great Dane where we enjoy exploring the yard, trees, fields, and berry orchard. Living in rural Saskatchewan means I don’t have easy access to hiking trails but I still have a ton of opportunities to get outside!

What Hike Like a Woman means to me and why I wanted to be a part of the team: I’ve spent most of my life feeling thoroughly average. I’ve never been the best, the fastest, or the most athletic. For a long time, I thought this meant I was destined to be excluded from anything remotely physical and certainly didn’t think I belonged in any type of outdoor adventure sports. As an adult, I decided to just start doing more of the things I enjoyed, regardless of my skill level. I took up running and yoga. I took surf lessons in Costa Rica. I learned to SCUBA dive. And I talked my boyfriend into doing a 4-day backpacking trip in the Canadian Rockies. I was hooked. And while I have yet to master any of the above activities, they have each brought me so much joy, especially hiking. For me, Hike Like a Woman represents exactly this, the idea that the outdoors are for everybody and that you don’t have to be an expert before you even try something. I love how this community inspires and motivates without judgment or exclusion. I wanted to be on the team so that I could do my little part in encouraging other women to get outside and explore this beautiful world, no matter their background, experience, or skill level.

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