Lori Roberts

Name: Lori Roberts

Hometown: Surrey, BC Canada

Employment: Education Assistant/Surrey Schools (I work with the biggest school district in BC under the direction of the teacher; working with students that have special needs) My ideal job would be working with kids or at risk youth in an outdoor school or as a Park Ranger.

Favorite hike: Garibaldi Lake in Squamish, BC. It’s 18 Kilometers /820 meters elevation of forest, mountains ending with a beautiful glacier fed turquoise blue lake.

 I started hiking 6 years ago when my mom and I went on a road trip to meet family in Smither’s & Old Hazelton, BC, Canada. I meet a glacier there named, Roche de Boule that I fell in love with and knew in that moment hiking was my calling. It reminded me of my younger days when my dad took me hiking on the local mountains. Since then I have hiked every weekend in the spring, summer, and fall and snowshoed in the winter. I started blogging my hikes because I love writing and I wanted to get people outdoors. 

I have some fears (jagged peaks, drop offs and log crossings) and I’m usually the slowest in any group. I enjoy my time walking through the tall timber and taking photographs along the way. Sometimes it takes me a few tries but eventually, I make it to the top. I hope and think I have inspired women to get out and hike. It doesn’t matter if you are slow or over weight. I invite people, mostly women and some men that I don’t even know to come with us. I started with one lady and together we built up a hiking group of like minded people who just need nature time. Each week I find trails, climb the mountains and enjoy my friend’s company. 

One summer I was hired by one of our local on line trail guides, Vancouver Trails, to blog for them. Since I’ve been hiking, many good things have happened. I met the love of my life at the summit of a beautiful mountain and met people on the trails who are following me. That’s always exciting. 

I wanted to be part of Hike Like a Woman’s community & team to spend my life inspiring women to get out and see the beauty that I see, to walk the twisted paths and to hear and breathe the sweet sounds nature has to offer. I feel honored and grateful that I have been chosen to be an ambassador for Hike Like a Woman for 2017-18. My goal is for you to live life now and get outside no matter what shape you are in, no matter if you’re overweight or slow. Just go…just see…Make today the day you Hike Like a Woman! 

Lori aka Hiking for the Scaredy Cat