Mickey Sanderson

Name: Mickey Sanderson

Hometown: O’Fallon, IL

Occupation: Aside from being a mom of four amazing kiddos, I run two small home based businesses and a small blog. I am the owner of Switchback Kinetics, Arrettia Mae’s Closet on Etsy, and Hikeitmomma.

Favorite Local Hike: My favorite local hike is probably Vedawoo. There is a few different trails that I can choose from. The scenery is always changing and that is why I love Wyoming. There is always a new backdrop on the trail.

What Hike Like A Woman means to you & why you wanted to be part of this team? There is not a simple answer, Hike Like a Woman had an answer to all my prayers. A community of strong brave women. The words, “like a girl” or “like a woman”, stereotypically mean weak, timid, afraid, inhibited or inferior. I firmly believe that girls and women are extremely strong! Women are courageous, they have tenacity, they have willpower, drive, determination, brilliance, and devotion. They’re empowered, uninhibited, outspoken to a fault, brave, and sometimes fighting for their lives or the life of a loved one. That’s what it means to me, to fight, to survive, to hike, “Like a Woman.” To me, Hike Like a Woman was a community where I could find other women who shared my love for the outdoors. Somewhere to read stories of experiences and always found new advice. Hike like a woman to me was a place where I found like minded women who are not afraid to brave the outdoors with their children or solo, no matter what anyone says. I wanted to be a part of Hike like a woman because I wanted to contribute to the bigger picture and help other women learn how to hike longer and recover faster. I wanted to share with other women how to get outdoors with their children. Also being a mother of an Autistic child, I want to be an advocate for therapy from unrestricted outdoor play. It changes my son’s life the moment we take him outdoors. I want to share with other families like ours just how much taking your children outdoors for even an hour, is the best thing we can do to help them grow.

You can find Mickey here: https://hikeitmomma.com/