Outdoor School

A 10-week online course designed just for outdoor women. We’re currently in our first session. Click below to be notified when we offer our next session.

Hi friends! Rebecca and the Hike Like A Woman Ambassador team here. We are really excited to open the virtual doors to a project that’s taken us all spring to complete. Welcome to the HLAW Outdoor School. This is a series of 10 online classes designed to help you hone your outdoor skills taught by our team of experienced outdoor women.

It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to hiking and outdoor adventure or if you’ve been trekking your entire life, our content is designed to help you learn something new, spark passion in the outdoors and learn alongside women just like you.

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We plan to offer a second session in fall 2017.

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The HLAW Outdoor School is 10 weeks of online classes designed just for you.

Frequently we get emails, messages, and notes from our fellow outdoor women asking questions about everything from hiking with Aunt Flo to finding the perfect fitting hiking boots.

We love sharing what we’ve learned through years of trial and error with you.

But, space is limited on our blog and we wanted to expand upon some of our most frequently requested topics.

So we put together this class.

We think you’re going to love it.

Will you join us for our second session of the HLAW Outdoor School?

Here’s what we’ll learn…