You belong outside.

Perhaps you’re a day hiker, or new to the outdoors.

Maybe you’re an experienced backpacker looking for more.

Or maybe the thought of gathering with a group of women to learn, grow and make new friends sounds like exactly what you need right now.

If that’s you let’s chat.

So, you want to head into the backcountry but there’s so much to learn. You can spend hours and hours reading books, scouring the internet looking for reputable blogs, you can ask your outdoorsy friends for tips, tricks and advice.

Or you can learn it all from our experienced team of backpackers in one fun-filled weekend.

Just one backpacking trip can change your life.

I know this firsthand. As a outdoor loving hiker, backpacker, small business owner, wife, mom and combat Veteran there have been times in my life when I’ve felt overwhelmed, stressed out and scared. There are moments when I’ve wondered how I can keep it all together without going crazy.

It’s during those moments when I’ve put on my hiking boots and headed to the wilderness that I’ve been able to relax, tune into my emotions, take control of my stress and emerge full of confidence ready to face the unexpected challenges of life.

As a guide, I’ve watched hundreds of women on backpacking trips start off as timid and unsure of themselves only to emerge from the wilderness three days later full of confidence and joy. I’ve come to learn that just a few days of completely disconnecting from the outside world is transformational in so many ways.

But it’s not always so easy.

My mission at Hike Like A Woman is to break down barriers to entry in the outdoors.

As women, we put up unintentional barriers without even realizing it.

We doubt ourselves. We doubt our abilities. We make excuses like “I don’t know what I’m doing,” “I don’t have the skills,” “I don’t have the right gear,” “I don’t look like a Patagonia model…” Before we know it those excuses prevent us from adventuring and we look back with regret on lost experiences.

It’s time to stop making excuses.

I think that every human belongs outdoors. I think that every woman can develop the skills the she needs for amazing and safe backcountry adventures. I think that every woman should know what it feels like to finish a backpacking trip knowing that she was able to carry everything that she needed to sustain herself in the backcountry on her back.

It’s time to learn.

Which is why I’d love to have you join me and my team for a weekend of friendship and learning in Southeastern Wyoming as we host our very first backpacking workshop. You’ll graduate from our workshop with knowledge and confidence, full prepared for your next backpacking trip.

You’ll finish the weekend confident in your new skills. Here’s what we’ll learn. 

Plan Your Trip

  • Route planning
  • Backcountry navigation with a map, compass, GPS and smartphone

Prepare Your Gear

  • Hike Like A Woman approved packing list
  • Shopping for gear on a budget
  • Packing your pack
  • Reducing your pack weight without sacrificing comfort

Manage The Risk

  • Personal safety in the backcountry
  • Emergency plans
  • Wildlife
  • Preparing for extreme weather

Meal Prep

  • Healthy and tasty meal options
  • Backpacking stoves
  • Water filtration
  • Food safety
  • Meal clean up
  • Bonus: Campfire cooking


  • American Red Cross Basic First-Aid/CPR/AED (you’ll leave with certificate in hand)
  • Stop The Bleed

Personal Care

  • Hygiene in the backcountry
  • What to wear
  • Camp comfort
  • Mentally preparations

Optional bonus classes include backpacking and hiking with dogs and backpacking with babies, toddlers and children of all ages.

The Details

Saturday June 6th:

Arrive at Hynds Lodge between noon and 1:00pm, enjoy snacks and drinks, claim your bunk, unpack and then get ready for our first training session starting promptly at 2pm: Plan Your Trip & Prepare Your Gear taught by HLAW founder, Rebecca and her husband Al.

After this session we’ll move right into Campfire Safety & Cooking taught by Jill Belgarde followed by a delicious dinner cooked over the open flame.

After dinner we’ll roll right into the first two hours of American Red Cross First Aid & CPR taught by Britt Thompson and head to bed early to prepare for our second day of workshops.


Sunday June 7th: After a tasty breakfast (breakfast burritos anyone?) we’ll move right into our second day of workshops starting with Personal Care taught by Britt.

Meal Prep taught by Amy Iddings (pausing for lunch)

Manage The Risk taught by Britt & Rebecca.

Stop The Bleed taught by Chip, dinner (pasta bar!) and finishing up with the second part of First Aid & CPR with Britt.

Astronomy, navigation and the night sky with Chip.

Somewhere in there we’ll squeeze in Backpacking With Dogs taught by Jill & Backpacking With Children taught by Rebecca.


Our workshop will conclude on Monday June 8th.

We need to clear the lodge by 10am, so after a light breakfast, certificate of completion, signing yearbooks (joking) and promising to be best friends forever we’ll send you out on your next adventure.

However, if you’d like to stick around and explore for a few more days in Southeastern Wyoming, we’re happy to help you plan your travels.

Our Basecamp for the weekend:

This is an educational experience not a backpacking trip. We’ll be enjoying the accommodations at Hynds Lodge for the weekend. This lodge is located at 1264 Granite Springs Rd, Cheyenne, WY 82009. The nearest airports are the Cheyenne Regional Airport serviced by American Airlines, the Laramie Regional Airport with two United Flights/day or you can fly in and out of Denver International Airport.  All options would require a rental car or ride sharing to get to Hynds Lodge.  We’ll set up a private facebook page for women participating in this retreat to help coordinate things like airport shuttles, rental cars, and ride sharing.

Curt Gowdy State Park is situated half way between Laramie and Cheyenne and within close proximity to the Medicine Bow National Forest.

Hynds Lodge is part of the National Registry of Historic Places, originally it was built for the Boy Scouts of America and now it’s operated by Curt Gowdy State Park.  The lodge is on 9 acres of forested land and has one large bunk style sleeping area, a big kitchen, dining room, living room, covered porch, and stone fireplace.

There is nearby camping available at Curt Gowdy State Park, Vedauwoo and Pole Mountain and ample hotels and motels in Cheyenne and Laramie for those who wish to purchase day tickets.

What to Bring

June is still very much spring in Southeastern Wyoming. We’ll be lodging above 7,000 feet so layering is always a good idea.  The weather can bring thunderstorms and hail, with temps in the 60’s during the day and down to the 40’s at night. Sunglasses and sun protection (the sun can be intense at altitude) are always recommended.

We’ll be very casual around the lodge, so no need to bring fancy clothes. But we will be moving and both indoors and outdoors so we recommend warm layers (especially in the evening) and study hiking boots or shoes.

We don’t want anyone to feel like they can’t attend because they don’t have the “right” clothing or gear. If you’re worried that you don’t have something that you think you’ll need just let us know. We’re happy to lend what we have to share.

Our workshops will be hands on. If you have your own backpack, tent, water filter, compass camp stove, etc feel free to bring it and we can always help you learn to use your gear.  Don’t have your own gear or want to pack it along? No worries, we’ll have demo gear available for our classes.

This weekend will also be BYOB…we are not licensed to provide alcohol but if you want to partake in an adult beverage in the evenings feel free to bring your own libations. Just remember, we are at altitude so we recommend good hydration and nutrition especially if you’ll be enjoying a drink with dinner.

Your Packing List:

  • A sleeping bag or linens and a blanket (we’re happy to rent sleeping bags and pillows for an additional $5.00)
  • Pillow
  • Clothing
  • Sturdy Shoes
  • Personal hygiene items and medications
  • Ear plugs (since we’ll all be sharing a room)
  • A notebook and pencil
  • Shower shoes and a towel if you plan to shower at the Visitor Center
  • Any personal snacks, drinks you might like to enjoy

This is registration option #2:

Option #2. Pay the non-refundable $200 deposit to reserve your space. After you pay your deposit Rebecca will invoice you for the remaining $300. (+ tax) due on April 15th. Since space is limited and this workshop is in high demand we can not offer refunds after May 15th.