Basics To Day Hiking

Join us for an online class and community where we’ll explore everything you need to get started with day hiking.

Hi, I’m Crystal. A few years ago I didn’t know anything about hiking. Yep, I was a total beginner. But I read, and learned and hiked and now teach classes on hiking at my local REI and State Park. I want to be your guide and share everything that I’ve learned on my journey as we navigate the world of basic day hiking together.

Our mission at Hike Like A Woman to to break down barriers to entry in the outdoor community and help you explore with confidence. That all starts with education, and this online class is the first step. 

Here’s what you’ll learn…

-What is day hiking?
-How and what to plan for prior to your hike.
-Picking the right pack for you
-Your first aid kit
-Emergency kit
-Food & water
-Personal protection (Bears Especially)
-Know your blazes
-Trail etiquette
-Leave no trace principles
-Using the bathroom in the backcountry
-Hiking with dogs
-Hiking during hunting season
+ Discussions on whatever topics interest you!

This class will be taught LIVE on Zoom (link to the class will be emailed to you upon receipt of registration), students will join specifically for this class. The class will be two hours long on Sunday July 12th from 7-9pm (EST). We’ll also record it and send it out via email for those who aren’t able to watch LIVE.

We’ll be creating a private Facebook Group for this class that will open on June 25th and close on August 25th so you’ll also get an additional two months of community building discussions and Q&A’s with Crystal and other HLAW team members for that time.

The cost for this class and Facebook community is $10.00. Your $10.00 contribution will go to fund our upcoming HLAW retreats, events and conferences.

To Register

Click the “add to cart” button. You’ll be sent to our registration page, register and pay and then you’ll receive an automated email from us directing you to the private Facebook group. Once you’re in the group we’ll connect with you and start chatting about the basics of day hiking!

I hope you can join us.