Sarah Kyllo

Name: Sarah Kyllo

Hometown:  Philomath, Oregon

Occupation:  Academic Advisor

Fave Local Hike:  Bald Hill (it’s close with nice views of the valley and Mary’s Peak) but if 2 1/2 hours away is considered local, then Misery Ridge at Smith Rock State Park. It’s steep and hard but the views are amazing.

What HLAW means and why I want to be a part of the team:  Hike Like A Woman is a place where women of all ages, shapes, and backgrounds can feel empowered to get outside and try new things or skills.  It is a place to learn, ask questions, to grow, to share, and to build a community of people who care about our trails, woods, natural places and each other.  In a culture where woman are constantly told to act a certain way and look thin and fit, it’s great to be a part of a group like HLAW that doesn’t narrow itself to what a small segment of females actually look like.  I feel the most alive when I am outside adventuring and exploring and I want to share this with other women who feel the same.  It seems like there is an almost overwhelming amount to learn as I try out new things (backpacking, mountaineering, etc.) and I often feel like an imposter but having a group like this reminds me that we all start somewhere and that there are women who want to support and guide each other.

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